These funds are part of a grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services / Division of Substance Use, Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) as part of the CADC Workforce Expansion Program.

Applicants have until noon on May 20, 2024 to apply for this fund.

This fund is for individuals applying for the CADC. It will cover the cost of the initial application fee, while funding lasts. This is only for those who have not yet sent in a CADC application. Please complete the CADC Initial Applicant Fund application first to see if you are eligible to receive the funding before submitting your CADC application. Please reference the Counselor Model to ensure you meet the requirements for the certification before submitting your CADC application. You will be required to submit your CADC application within 30 days of approval for this grant fund. Your work environment must be related to the substance use services field or you plan to obtain work in the substance use services field.

This program is only for the CADC credential and is not available for other ICB-offered credentials at this time.

**Please note: This is only available while funding lasts. If you were approved to receive this fund, but funds are not available when you plan to apply, you will be responsible for paying the required fees.